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This data is used with the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and to check the correct functioning; immediately after processing, the data is erased. The farm women will soak the flowers and plants all night in a basin – outdoors. John’s dew cures all ills”. The information systems and software procedures required for the functioning of this website, acquire some personal data during their normal service, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of web communication protocols. But they come out smelling of flowers and herbs, tradition and belief, blessings and health. Upon rising, everyone in the family will wash face and hands with the gloriously perfumed acqua di San Giovanni to keep the skin healthy and youthful and to ward off illness. Hi! 196/2003, regulations with regard to the Protection of Personal Data, this is an informative report to all interested parties on the modality of the treatment of personal data, arising from interaction with our website www.annesitaly.com. In many families, a ladleful of the acqua di San Giovanni is added to the bath water of each that day. All this water worship has made me realize that the water back home is nowhere near ready for worship, I picked up the watersoftenerguide.com to inform myself on what I should do about it. I can also attest to the absolute mess left behind by the glitter and petals, though the glitter isn’t as bad as the petals. and other parameters referred to the operation system and to the user’s information environment. Fire? I go first, rinsing my face and hands (sure, I may not be a believer, but the powers of the water are supposed to be especially beneficial to the skin and … Under Article 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. It sounded a bit odd and finding its origin in a rather generic Paganism didn't shock me at all. Tel: +39-075-802334 - Pity, it looks like fun to take a bath in all those flowers! Failure to provide such data may be the cause of the inability to obtain the requested information from the company. Smiling faces ready for their bath. http://www.lush.it/main/product.php?node=51&doc=731, Friendship: Just Add Water (Hot Spring Water, That Is), Local Flavor: The Best Restaurants in Assisi, A Perfect Day, A Perfect Hike: Spoleto’s Monteluco, The Humble Art of the Nativity Crèche in Umbria, Public Transportation: Getting to Assisi from Rome and Florence, Watching Over Amalfi's Legends | Ciao Amalfi, Common Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Italian Culture Fostered by Guidebooks. 3 Comments. Peppa demonstrates to an Atlanta visitor how to wash in the sacred water. I absolutely love reading about the Italian traditions you blog about! Required fields are marked *. - categories: Curiosities, Festivals, Folklore, Rural Life, Special Events - I think I understand why: the guazza descends from the Heavens. And no morning wash is more glorious than that of Umbria’s rural people on June 24th. They’ll gather every type of wildflower, plant, blossoms, seed pod, weed and green – particularly those with enticing fragrances. I go first, rinsing my face and hands (sure, I may not be a believer, but the powers of the water are supposed to be especially beneficial to the skin and anything that can stave off wrinkles is worth a go, in my book). 196/2003 and held only for the time necessary to achieve the aim for which it has been collected. And, second, it is imperitive that the infusion be moistened by the first dew the next morning. A miracle! Washing the eyes with this water will assure protection against eye diseases. Infants will be washed directly in the basin of the acqua di San Giovanni before the water is used by others. The object will be moistened by the dew come morning, and your wish is sure to come true. For this reason alone I would have voted for his canonization. It’s a shame, because they were fun and had a nice scent that wasn’t ovewhelming (though did overwhelm their little boy smell!). Assisi, 06081 (PG) Italy - The personal data is treated in compliance with the Legislative Decree no. The soaking flowers and herbs are left outside during the entire night preceding the feast day for two important reasons. The feast day of John the Baptist—La Festa di San Giovanni Battista—falls on June 24th, and on the eve of this holy day we spend an hour walking the fields and meadows around our house along with our Umbrian neighbors gathering petals of wildflowers, snippets of herbs, and scented leaves (tradition holds that there should be one hundred varieties gathered, but we start to fudge our numbers about an hour into the project) which we then soak in water in a small tub overnight to prepare the traditional acqua di San Giovanni. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The bath is fun, the cleanup is not so fun….

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