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An example of how the movie is fueled by this tone of stress is Aman's insomnia – a product of his anxiety – is what eventually leads him to meet Teodoro during one of his late night excursions. The two become friends and little by little this friendship turns into a strongly ambiguous relation. The unlikely companionship between Aman and Teordor was a good premise for a film; however, their friendship progresses slowly due to their mutual negativity. Two cars come face to face in a narrow street in Italy. 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For instance, Teodoro has moments of offensive slurs toward Aman, which is especially powerful because the two of them have a friendly relationship. An Italian boxer strikes up a friendship with a Somali immigrant. We use cookies to help give you a better experience on TMDb. This FAQ is empty. Cineuropa is the first European portal dedicated to cinema and audiovisual in 4 languages. Cineuropa met up with Italian director Matteo Rovere, whose new feature film. An aimless young troublemaker, Alessandro, squanders his days gambling and getting into fights, and he often spends his nights in jail. Martin Eden struggles to rise above his destitute, proletarian circumstances through an intense and passionate pursuit of self-education, hoping to achieve a place among the literary elite. Together, they will have to return to the track and win, while escaping their demons and learning what it means – and how hard it is – to be a family. Click here to login or here to sign up. The De Martino family have always had motor oil and petrol flowing in their veins: they have been putting together and racing cars for generations. Login to be first! Most of the film feels as though it is building up to some sort of larger conclusion or resolution, but by the end, it seems that the film is actually more of a character study than a story with a plot. Two young boys, Valerio and Christian, form a powerful friendship over the summer. Mario, the head of the family, is forced to make way for his very young and exceptionally talented daughter Giulia. Terry uses the boy for his own purpose, but Aman, in turn, foresees in this relation a chance of social redemption. However, their characters remain too surface-level for the length of the movie to achieve a deep enough connection with them to make up for the film's lack of a concrete plot.Although Good Morning Aman has a number of aspects that hold it back from being a great movie, its attempt to portray contemporary themes that are relatable to modern-day Italy is commendable. ... Il padre d'Italia (2017) drama Paolo and Mia, an introverted clerk and a unconventional pregnant woman, go on a journey looking for the father of Mia's unborn daughter. Can't find a movie or TV show? Furthermore, it shows Aman accepting the slurs that Teodoro throws at him, which may even be detrimental to the issue. Since he suffers from insomnia, during the night he is used to cruise through the Esquiline Hill streets, between the Termini Railway Station and Vittorio Emanuele Square. Login to create it. Matteo Rovere shoots his first TV series, Andrea Carpenzano and Stefano Accorsi star in, Nastri d’Argento Awards: 10 nominations for, We spoke to Nermin Hamzagić, who is competing at the Zagreb Film Festival with, We talked to Sascha Keilholz and Frédéric Jaeger, the new director and head of programme of the International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, which goes online from 12-22 November, We spoke with Alessandro Stellino, the new artistic director of Florence’s Festival dei Popoli, about the upcoming edition of the event which is unspooling entirely online between 15 - 22 November, We chatted with Giona A Nazzaro who spoke with enthusiasm about his recent appointment as Artistic Director of the Locarno Film Festival, IT 07/04/2016, DE 8/06/2017, PL 15/12/2017, ES 30/03/2018. https://www.videodetective.com/movie/tutto-quello-che-vuoi-149238 This aspect of the film was compelling because it conveyed this issue in a realistic way. The film, directed by Claudio Noce, follows Aman, who is a first generation Italian with Somali heritage living and working in Rome, and his developing friendship with former boxer Teodoro. After learning a secret from Giorgio’s past, Alessandro and his friends work to uncover the mystery of this tale, an unexpected history lesson and a touching coming-of-age adventure. On their daily walks, the two banter and become friends, and Alessandro quickly learns more about this forgotten poet as the old man’s memory drifts. This tone is portrayed both through the content of the film as well as the close up shots on the characters and the several scenes that have dark lighting. From the beginning of the movie, it is clear that the tone of the film is dramatic and stressful. 0 of 1 people found this review helpful. With daily news, interviews, data bases, in-depth investigations into the audiovisual industry, Cineuropa aims at promoting the European film industry throughout the world. The unfortunate reality of prejudice in Italy makes this film worth watching because it gives the viewer a glimpse into the viewpoint of an immigrant who deals with the difficulty of not belonging or fitting in with the majority of the population of his surroundings and what is like to be reminded of that fact daily. Was this review helpful to you? One of those nights, he secretly goes up to the balcony of an apartment building, and there he meets Terry, a 40 years old ex boxer with an obscure past.

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