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Weiterhin Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Augustus' Schwiegersohn und Vertrauter, an dessen Toga sich ein kleiner Junge klammert: wohl sein damals gerade vierjähriger Sohn Lucius Caesar, der zu seiner Mutter Iulia aufblickt. I believe it has now been completed and the whole complex provides a fascinating monument to the  ambitions of  Augustus, and provides also one of the best surviving examples of fascist town planning  — together with an interesting example of modern architecture. Mit dem Neubau wurde der New Yorker Stararchitekt Richard Meier beauftragt. Frontal view of a section of the south elevation, depicting the acanthus leaf frieze below and the South Procession above; Dedicated on 30 January 9 BCE, the altar was erected in the Campus Martius by the Roman Senate to commemorate Augustus' return from Spain and Gaul on 4 July 13 BCE. Rome by this time had a communist mayor, so he decided that it was all to be pulled down and be replaced by a grand modern building designed by an Italo-American architect Richard Meier. However there is one particular building which was very much his own, the Ara Pacis, or the Altar of Peace. (Was there some pre-existing story of the Aeneas meeting the white sow and the 30 suckling piglets  – of had Virgil made  it  all up – as  I suspect. Ara Pacis Augustae or the Altar of Augustan Peace was built for Emperor Augustus under a decree issued by the Roman Senate in 13 BCE. Während bei Griechischen Prozessionszügen die Körper durch die Kleider scheinen, verhüllen bei diesen Reliefs die Falten den Körper gänzlich. Ara Pacis Augustae II) Reliefs . After the War he bounced back and became the Professor of Architecture at Rome University. These excavations brought out some parts of the altar. The new cover building erected by the Italo/American architect Richard Meier. What is interesting is that the scene appears to make quite specific reference to the story told by Vergil in the Aeneid , yet if the temple was first announced in 12 BC and completed in 9 BC, we should remember that Virgil had only died ten years earlier in  19 BC,  leaving the Aeneid incomplete. Don't waste your time in the long waiting queue at the Vatican Museum, you can buy your tickets online. According to Suetonius,   he found Rome brick and left it marble. In 1568, the first remains of Ara Pacis were found under the Palazzo Alamgià. Yes, he was modest, but yes he boasted about his modesty). Jahrhundert stark anstieg, wurde um das Denkmal eine Stützmauer aus Ziegeln errichtet, so dass nur noch der Figurenfries herausragte. Die Ara Pacis wurde aus Carrara-Marmor gefertigt. Über The fragments were all reassembled and a new site was chosen for it a couple of hundred yards away. But seeing it inscribed on the wall here gives some idea of the length of the inscription. Jahr nach Gründung der Stadt, © Dr. Sven Keller 1997-2020, alle Rechte vorbehalten. Die Debatte geht weiter! Als man im vorigen Jahrhundert daran dachte, die wiedergefundenen Einzselteile zusammenzufügen und der Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren, wurde eine Schutzhülle gleich mit eingeplant. This to me rather typifies Augustus who was inside a mass of contradictions which he managed to sort out on the surface. Es folgen die genannten Konsuln des Jahres 13 v. Email. Zwei 3,60 m breite Durchgänge an den Schmalseiten öffnen sich zum Altarraum. Augustus selbst berichtet in den Res Gestae, dem Bericht über seine Taten, den er am Ende seines Lebens schrieb, von der Errichtung des Altares. Die zunächst nicht einzuordnenden Trümmer identifizierte erstmals 1879 der deutsche Archäologe Friedrich von Duhn als Bestandteile der Ara Pacis Augustae. Augustus was a great builder. Die Anlage besteht aus besteht aus einem rechteckigen, 11,65 x 10,62 Meter großen Bezirk auf einem Podium, zu dem eine Treppe hinaufführt. Am Ende des Zuges gehen Antonia Maior, Nichte des Augustus, und ihr Gatte Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus mit ihren Kindern. The marble structure, which once stood on the Campus Martius, is a masterpiece of Roman sculpture and, in particular, of portraiture. ], beschloss der Senat zum Dank für meine Rückkehr einen Altar des augusteischen Friedens zu weihen, und zwar auf dem Marsfeld. Weiten Raum nehmen auch die Schilderungen der an seine Erfolge anknüpfenden Ehrungen seitens des römischen Volkes und des Senats ein. Unfortunately however with the prospect of war ahead the actual cover building of the ara pacis was shoddy in construction and by the 1980s it was leaking badly and needed major renovations. Largo di Torre Argentina is a square of ancient Rome which is located on the Champ de Mars. Augustus wanted to record his own version of history and here he did so in considerable style. Practice: Augustus of Primaporta . Donate or volunteer today! Ara Pacis The Ara Pacis Augustae is an altar in Rome dedicated to Pax, the Roman goddess of Peace. Detail from the central panel of the Res Gestae. The foundations of the 16th century palace above were to be shored up and the ground was frozen in an amazing display of the wonders of fascist technology. However at the end is a young man who is not wearing a toga but a short tunic and carrying a jug in one hand and a box in the other, probably containing incense. The mausoleum of Augustus, which is adjacent, is also being restored. To protect the remains, these were then put together and placed in a glass hall near the Mausoleum of Augustus near the Tiber. Tiberius, Antonia Minor, Germanicus (Kind), Drusus, Domitius (Kind), Antonia Maior, Domitia (Kind), Domitius Ahenobarbus. This symbolically tells us that Rome was at peace but the weapons are ready for use, if needed. As said, the goddess monitors the weaponry which it sits on. abgelegt, die Einweihung fand am 30. Die Überschrift der „Res Gestae“ beginnt mit den Worten RES GESTAE DIVI AUGUSTI QUIBUS ORBEM TERRARUM . Augustus erscheint als Friedensgarant, der dem Wohlergehen des Reiches und der Erde dient. The Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of Augustan Peace) is a relatively large marble structure (estimated to have been approximately 11 by 11 meters) dedicated on 30 January 9 BCE in Rome.

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