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die mitglieder unseres freundeskreises werden zu exklusiven vorbesichtigungen aller neuen ausstellungen und projekte eingeladen. 239 del regolamento n. 2913/92, come modificato dal regolamento n. 1791/2006, deve essere interpretato nel senso che esso può riferirsi all’esclusione di un importatore dell’Unione europea da un contingente, With the passing of time the pier lost its mercantile function, becoming the destination of charming walks "at sea" along the city shores and the mooring of boats passing by or of wonderful sailing boats taking part in, the important sailing event called "Barcolana", which is, Con il tempo il molo perse la sua funzione mercantile, diventando meta di passeggiate suggestive "dentro" il mare lungo le rive della città e punto di attracco di imbarcazioni di passaggio o di splendide barche a vela. Happy Sunday to you. This is the best day to have fun with your friends and family. "Happy Happy Sunday!" If you want the Happy Sunday for Your Family Members and Friends, go here: Lovely Happy Sunday Text Messages for Friends and Family Members. estoy tan contento, siempre voy a estar bien agradecido con todos ustedes de todo el apoyo que hemos estado recibiendo en el día de hoy, pues hago este live para comunicarme con ustedes. Amarti, Signore, significa celebrare il tuo nome e il nostro patto ogni domenica di tutti gli anni che verranno perché solo in te racchiusa ogni speranza di salvezza. Use it wisely. 15. Be happy. Be thankful for the breath of life and another chance to see the light of today. As a consequence, in case the forty day period referred to in Article 14, fourth paragraph. Happy Sunday, love. in Kombination mit jedem Kassenbon der Bar erhält der Kunde 10% Ermäßigung bei Einkäufen im Weingeschaft u.ä. Happy Sunday, love. On behalf of myself and our beautiful kids, I say a very big happy Sunday to you. V?na Studija is planning to run on regular basis special offers, discount programs and tasting events of wines in the store and in the bar section, such as, for instance, a shelf of wines recommended by famous and popular people; a. receipt from the bar entitles the customer to a 10% discount in the wine store etc. he had previously approached three of my colleagues, and we all offered him pretty much the same deal. partecipanti all'importante manifestazione velica "Barcolana", che si tiene ogni anno, Address data, telephone and fax numbers are available by clicking, Cliccate sul link "Mostra dati di contatto" e inviate un messaggi, Ippías had this name from its race and its speed, spreads oblique beams and difficult to perceive; Xiphías seems to stretch itself like a sword or a long spear, of pale yellow color and dim as a cloud; Pogonías scatters like a beard its coma not from its head, but from below; Dokías is nearly similar to Xiphías, but it has faint, not sharp extremities; Pithos (Jar) draws its name from its shape; Lampadías is heated and is usual to shine as flaming stone. It’s such a wonderful day to put up your feet and relax. the fact that the marriage is only recognised in the kaZantip party land doesn't bother, einmal pro woche kann in kazantip offiziell geheiratet werden. May this Sunday be as bright as ever. Grasp them with both hands and don’t let them slip away. foreign workers from third countries, an influx of cheap labour intended to replace the men and women whose professionalism and devotion to duty guarantee the competitiveness of our ports. Time to recover and think how you gonna kill the next one. However, thanks to the effort made by so many generous and willing people to take part in the world family of Radio Maria, we have reached a point of self-sufficiency and it is with pleasure that I am able to talk of the launch, Quando ho assunto la direzione di Radio Maria Houston affiancato da Padre Abelardo Cobos, eravamo fortemente indebitati e in difficoltà per la gestione della radio, ma grazie allo sforzo di tante persone generose e desiderose di far parte della grande famiglia mondiale di Radio Maria, abbiamo raggiunto questa autosufficienza, ed è con piacere che vi comunico che abbiamo avviato. Januar 2005 ist PubliPresse für die Vermarktung der Tageszeitung NZZ und der NZZ am Sonntag auf Presse für die Vermarktung der Tageszeitung NZZ und der NZZ am Sonntag auf Presse für die Vermarktung der Tageszeitung NZZ und der NZZ am Sonntag auf Presse für die Vermarktung der Tageszeitung NZZ und der NZZ am Sonntag auf Presse für die Vermarktung, Protestant churches of the Lutheran tradition even count, If I, as a boy, had gone out into the world, poor and alone, and met a powerful fairy, and she had said to me: :Choose your path and your destination, and then, in keeping with the development of your mind, and with the way things must reasonably go in this world, I shall watch over, Hätte ich, als Junge, da ich arm und allein in die Welt hinausging, eine mächtige Fee getroffen, und die hätte gesagt: :Wähle deine Bahn und dein Ziel, und alsdann, der Entwicklung deines Geistes gemäß, und wie es vernünftigerweise in dieser Welt zugehen muß, werde ich dich, official weddings take place in kaZantip party land once a week. Your spoken words melt my heart, and your unspoken words give me the assurance that you’re mine forever. Have a mind-lifting Sunday. Aren’t you so lovely to have come up with the thought that your husband is worthy of some sunday wishes and sms? Happy Sunday <3. For longer texts, use the world's best online translator! 4. ), all' Happy Sunday Market presso il Lanificio, Via di Pietralata159/A, Roma. Indulge in every second and live life to the fullest today. on the other hand; all the dirt and garbage everywhere in the streets of the city and at the same time the wonderful landscape, nature and world of animals; on the one side the believe in ghosts, spirits and witches and on the other side the deep hope and believe that everything will be alright. La traduzione è sbagliata o di bassa qualità. 13. suhn. 12. sie haben anteil an einem kreativen prozess, der immer, wieder neue, spannende perspektiven bietet. Happy Sunday. Überprüfung an den Frachtführer schriftliche Vorbehalte gerichtet hat. folgenden Werktag nicht in Betracht kommt. regione dello stato del Texas fino alla frontiera messicana. Yes, Sunday Wishes for Your Lover! So, enjoy it well. If you are sad, find strength in God, and remember that He is always in your heart. ; con quantità più elevate rischio infatti di rallentare eccessivamente le altre commissioni. From Rome, I send you a cordial greeting and I, Da Roma vi mando un saluto cordiale e il desiderio, La Feira Nordestina è sostanzialmente una lunga festa che si svolge nel fine settimana, da venerdì a sabato, in, RESULT: [diary of the week of illness]: 1) SATURDAY: I'm feeling. So make maximum out of this day by going to Church. Have a beautiful Sunday. Dauert die Arbeitsunfähigkeit länger als drei Kalendertage, muss eine ärztliche Bescheinigung über die. Finally, as far as the traditional festivities and days of. Il problema della domenica è quel che passa tra la precedente e la successiva. 15. Buona Domenica! If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes a weary. Tra le feste in costume che periodicamente animano il. Vi proporremo una serie di offerte individuali per integrare la vostra impresa in una rete internazionale. Plenty of period costume parades liven up the village, such as the famous historical. 6. Who knows, perhaps it is also due to this close co-habitation with the Muses that the multiform Master, the most ancient of the modern and the most modern of, the ancients, declared with a smile during an, Chissà, forse è anche per questo stretto coabitare con le sue Muse che il Maestro multiforme, il più antico tra i moderni e il moderno degli, Article 239 of Regulation No 2913/92, as amended by Regulation No 1791/2006, must be interpreted as meaning that it can refer to the exclusion of a European Union importer from a tariff.

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