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Madonna del Granduca ; Raffael Santi, 1506 : Öl auf Holz : 84 × 55 cm : Palazzo Pitti, Florenz: Die Madonna del Granduca ist ein Gemälde von Raffael aus dem Jahr 1506. To complete this small yet precious painting, Raphael was able to draw on a wealth of Florentine iconography: the countless Madonnas and Child in terracotta, stucco, wood, marble and even bronze, which the masters of the 15th century, such as Donatello, Ghiberti and Luca della Robbia had produced in large numbers to meet the needs of devotional images to place in the churches, chapels, street tabernacles and rooms inside the palaces of wealthy customers.The composition did not start out with a dark background: x-ray images taken by the Opificio delle Pietre Dura have revealed that under the black surrounding the figures, there was an interior with a pillar supporting arches and a glimpse of countryside to the right, as can be seen in the Madonna of the Pinks or the Madonna with Beardless St Joseph in the Hermitage (St Petersburg): a setting that accentuated the domestic tone of the painting. La houle de plein de lumière et de l'ombre, avec des effets atmosphériques sinueux, montre l'influence du sfumato de Leonardo da Vinci, Raphaël a pu apprécier dans les premières années à Florence. Februar 2020 um 12:29 Uhr bearbeitet. This famous painting, whose origins and customer are unknown, takes its name from Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1769-1824) who authorised its purchase between autumn 1799 and winter 1800, when it came to Pitti. la madonna del granduca ( 84 cm × 55 cm ) est une peinture madonna de l'artiste italien de la renaissance raphael . Dabei ist Maria stehend fast bis zum Knie mit einem leuchtend blauen Umhang und einem roten Kleid dargestellt. index . Es kam in den Palazzo Pitti in Florenz. Référence de ce produit: PT_C1RAFF017. Tous droits réservés. Pour juste un peu plus cher qu'une impression vous pouvez avoir une copie de cette oeuvre de Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino) peinte à la main, 3D (30x30 mm) I-4412-626, Vieil or avec bord d'or clair (30x30 mm) I-4412-727. Bleu marine, fond veiné (60x18 mm) A-14854202, Noir sur fond argenté + bord argenté (69x30 mm) I-7522-671, Noir sur fond doré + bord doré (69x30 mm) I-7522-771, Pour pouvoir offrir les services du Web: www.artisangallery.fr et pouvoir gérer la page, ARTISAN GALLERY, SL et, le cas échéant, d’autres sociétés liées à la fourniture des services contenus sur ce site Web, nous stockons certaines informations sur votre ordinateur au moyen de cookies. [2] So schaut der Betrachter auf vom Licht erhelltes hellbräunlich-goldenes Inkarnat der Madonna mit Kind. Le travail a pris son nom de la prédilection que Ferdinand III avait pour elle. Das blond gelockte Haar wird halb verdeckt vom Mantel, der über die rechte Schulter herabfällt und dabei ihre rechte Hand freigibt. (58x25 mm) A-09992889, Ciment gris, bord argenté. Madonna del Granduca. https://ArtsDot.com/@@/7YKFUK-Raphael-(Raffaello-Sanzio-Da-Urbino)-madonna-... la madonna del granduca ( 84 cm × 55 cm ) est une peinture madonna de l'artiste italien de la renaissance raphael . A stunning 1900s painting; it is a copy of Raphael Sanzio’s “Madonna del Granduca”, masterfully executed by an artist and signed at the lower left. The painting was said to be somewhat influenced by Leonardo da Vinci who Raphael was … The great Italian master, Raphael Sanzio (commonly known as Raphael) painted the Madonna del Granduca. Nach seiner Rückkehr wurde es in den Privaträumen des Pitti Palastes ausgestellt bis es 1882 in den Saturnraum wechselte, in dem es heute noch zu sehen ist. le tableau appartenait à ferdinand iii , grand-duc de toscane , de qui il tire son nom . Her melancholy gaze is directed downwards as she holds her child out towards the onlooker, inviting him or her to contemplate his sweet, serious face. It never moved from here, except during the period of Napoleonic rule, when Ferdinand took it with him in exile. The Madonna del Granduca is one of Raphael’s most famous works and one of the images identified with the Palatine Gallery, the museum with the world’s highest number of canvases and panels by the artist. Check out my latest presentation built on emaze.com, where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes.

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