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The natural landscape of Santa Cruz Island has been shaped by extensive volcanic activity. Kayaking east towards Scorpion Rock or west towards Cavern Point provides great wildlife viewing and sea caves. There are no other goods, services, or accommodations (lodging) available on the island. But the purchase was held up as family members pushed the federal government to pay what they believed was the appropriate amount. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Landing is via a pier at both locations. The real property passed to The Nature Conservancy through a prior agreement that Carey Stanton had established with the non-profit organization. Protracted litigation between the Gherinis and the federal government started in 1980, when Channel Islands National Park was designated and Congress authorized the purchase of the family's remaining land, about 10% of the island on the east end. The lava tunnels on Santa Cruz were formed as the outer skin of molten lava solidified but the liquid magma inside continued flowing, leaving behind a series of empty tubes. The area is characterized by a persistent drizzle ('la garúa') that falls horizontally throughout 8 months of the year. [13] The last of the 10,000 sheep on the island were removed by 1999. Santa Cruz Fast Facts. This place is famous of its pink sand beach. Santa Cruz Island of the Galápagos is a starting point for many who visit the islands. The Channel Islands often provided smugglers and bootleggers with convenient yet isolated hideaways where they could store their goods. *Activities will be operated according to each boat itinerary. This is the most family friendly campground on the islands. [8]:160–165 A gift of 8,500 acres (34 km2) from the Nature Conservancy to the park was completed in 2000.[3]. Kayaking from Prisoners Harbor is also very scenic. Like all of the Channel Islands, Santa Cruz Island was used as an early warning outpost for observing enemy planes and ships during World War II. Santa Cruz Island, known by the Chumash people as Limuw (translates to "in the sea"), was home to a ten villages that housed over 1,200 people. George Vancouver used the same name on his 1793 map. Generally, the north shore is best during the northwest swells of winter/spring and the south shore is best during the south swells of summer/fall. The 2000 census showed a population of two people. The smaller or Little Sta. The smaller or Little Sta. [3][8]:100, The name of Santa Cruz for the island came about when Gaspar de Portola expedition visited the Chumash village Xaxas on the island. He imported cattle, horses, and sheep to the island and erected one of the earliest wharves along the California coast at Prisoners' Harbor. In its vastness and variety of flora, fauna, and geology, Santa Cruz Island resembles a miniature California. After 16 years of negotiation, in November 1996, government officials settled with Gherini for 14 million dollars which included 2 million dollars in back interest, clearing the way for the park to be opened to the public. Several trails and roads traverse eastern Santa Cruz Island, providing visitors with spectacular hiking opportunities. [11][3][8]:101–102 Castillero transferred title to his agent William Barron in 1857. Wildlife/Wildflower Viewing Several locations on Santa Cruz Island offer good surfing. Beset by diseases such as measles, the Chumash declined in numbers until, in 1822, the last of the Chumash left the island for mainland California missions. Glassow, J.R. Johnson, D.P. [8]:138–157, With Edwin Stanton's death in 1964, his widow and son, Carey, re-incorporated the Santa Cruz Island Company and continued the cattle operations on the island. Carey Stanton died unexpectedly in 1987 at the ranch and was buried in the family plot in the island chapel yard at the Main Ranch. Landing is via a pier at both locations. In addition, some plants like gumplant, buckwheat, poppies, and verbena continue to bloom during the summer. Close to the mainland yet worlds apart, Santa Cruz Island is home to plants and animals that are found nowhere else on Earth. At over 96 square miles in size and the largest island in California, Santa Cruz contains two rugged mountain ranges; the highest peaks on the islands (rising above 2,000 feet); a large central valley/fault system; deep canyons with year-round springs and streams; and 77 miles of craggy coastline cliffs, giant sea caves, pristine tidepools, and expansive beaches. Many of these islanders mined extensive chert deposits for making tools and produced "shell-bead money," used as a major trade item by tribes throughout California. During the Cold War a communications station was installed as a part of the Pacific Missile Range Facility. Channel Islands National Park Archaeological Overview and Assessment (M. Glassow, editor). Black Turtle Cove is situated in the northern part of Santa Cruz. Beach access is also available at Prisoners Harbor and by hiking over to Smugglers Cove, but the snorkeling is not as good at these locations. This volcanic rock was heavily fractured during an uplift phase that formed the island, and over a hundred large sea caves have been carved into the resulting faults. Introduced and invasive species on Santa Cruz Island include: The native plant communities of Santa Cruz Island include chaparral, oak woodland, Bishop pine (Pinus muriacata) forest, grassland and coastal sage scrub. More... The Reserve and its staff provides accommodations for visiting students and researchers. Shade is available. Visitors must bring all their own food and supplies. While visitors may explore the national park property on Santa Cruz Island, no hiking is allowed beyond the national park boundary onto The Nature Conservancy property. By 1869, the year he left Santa Cruz, Shaw's island sheep ranch was well known, and some 24,000 sheep grazed the hills and valleys of Santa Cruz Island. The semicircle beach is green in color, due to a high volume of olivine crystals. Several locations on Santa Cruz Island offer good surfing. Backcountry camping is available year round at the Del Norte campsite near Prisoners Harbor. Golden eagle predation had been responsible for the steep decline of island foxes on the northern Channel Islands in the 1990s.[23][24]. As of 2013[update], there were five breeding pairs on Santa Cruz Island, two on Santa Rosa, and one on Anacapa, and a total of over 40 bald eagles on the northern Channel Islands. 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