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Acquisizione del consenso all’atto della prenotazione o di richiesta di disponibilità online The whole structure is free from architectural barriers and it is provided with elevators (90cm minimum), slides and ramps. For this kind of apartment we reserve in the beach one place near the passage, equipped also with a plastic platform. The peaks that delimit and surround what is commonly defined as "Little Tibet" are among the highest and most suggestive of the Apennines. Restaurants near Santo Stefano di Sessanio: What attractions are near Santo Stefano di Sessanio? Our JOB chairs (safe chairs with big floating plastic wheels) allow to reach the sea and get fresh even in the hottest days. In our 52.000 m2 wide property, you can get in touch with nature. informativa sul trattamento dei dati personali. Our structure gives for each apartment a sun umbrella with a deckchair and a sunlounger. Residence customers can also buy some coupons for breakfast, selecting among different attractive combinations. Our structure is adjacent to the Bibione spa and we are linked through an internal gate. Flat, strong walking shoes or boots required. If there is one season that Abruzzo stands. It is a world apart from any city or town in the modern world and it whisks you. It was fascinating wandering through the village, which seems more like a living museum. Santo Stefano O.D.A. Bibione, VE - 30028. At the Santo Stefano Hotel your holidays haven’t barriers. We just have to wish you: enjoy yourself!!! The traditional Italian and regional cookery goes well with the tastes of the sea, paying attention to the quality of the products. Still recovering from the Aquila earthquake of 10 years ago. Fortunately for everybody, an ambitious Swede by the name of Daniele Kihlgren expressed an interest in performing an exhaustive restoration project on the village in the 1970s, and the resultant joint venture has led to a turnaround in Santo Stefano’s fortunes, with original building materials and parts being used in the rebuilding, and an encouragement and investment in the traditional trades and crafts of the region. Alternatively you can, weather permitting, do the mountain pass drive, via Castelli, probably about 1.5 hours from Bascianella. more, Other experiences in Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Historic Sites, Ancient Ruins, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Churches & Cathedrals, Military Museums, Military Bases & Facilities. It has cobbled, quirky streets, arches, tiny passages and adorable shops (people’s front rooms really). In our breakfast room you will find a buffet service and our smiling and careful staff will welcome you. The endless pastures are used for the summer pasture of sheep flocks and herds of cattle and horses that transhuman in Puglia in winter, in a ritual that has been repeated for thousands of years, transhumance. Don’t bother coming if you want it all and you want it now. There is also a perfect ‘tea room’, taking over 2 floors, with subtly ambient lighting, perfect for relaxing. away to a time before TV, the internet and fast food. It's small and feels really old. There are 52 two-room apartments, 4 small detached houses with three rooms and 10 studios located in a clam area and surrounded by a pine forest. There are some local shops but were informed that they aren't open all year round. Although it is primarily geared towards tourists, it works. Buffet service can also be provided to the customers of the Residence. L’informativa completa sulle modalità e finalità dei trattamenti effettuati è accessibile attraverso il seguente link www.hotelsantosefano.it/privacy Unique experience for nature and E-MTB lovers.
With the professionalism and assistance of the cycle guide you will have the opportunity to explore the Gran Sasso paths in total safety on a comfortable latest generation E-MTB and to get to know places of historical and cultural interest.
The Campo Imperatore plateau, located at an altitude varying between 1500 and 1900 meters, is about twenty kilometers long. What is most striking in Campo Imperatore are the spaces, the vast dimensions that are always totally visible. The Catholic Church of the S. Stefano is bound to religious activities and has 300 seats. Unfortunately this came to an end mid-19th century, and the area suffered from extreme poverty leading to mass emigration and Santo Stefano falling into disrepair. Besides the wonderful pine forest, full by squirrel and hares, there is also a playground for kids, a beach volley court and two lighted-up bowling greens. Sustainable Living Offer! Se clicchi su OK manifesti il tuo consenso. We recommend booking Santo Stefano di Sessanio tours ahead of time to secure your spot. What superb captu, Next time you light a fire in Abruzzo say a quick, We often look at beautiful Opi from afar but this, Abruzzese pumpkin soup with chestnuts, porcin, Catching the folds of the land, the season and tim, Apennines are alive with the sound of saws and hammers, 500-1800 masl Autumn Glory on an Abruzzo Mountain Pass, Matera – Face to Face with the History of Man, Civita D’Antino’s Scandinavian Art Connection, Ortona the Bought & Fought Blue Curve on a Golden Hill, Skirting Scanno ~ a Henri Cartier Bresson Moment, Pietracamela – Medieval Gateway to the Gran Sasso Mountains, Abruzzo Woodland Bowl: Chestnut, Porcini, Pumpkin & Farro Soup, A Saffron Weekender – Spice Harvesting in Abruzzo. To book it please contact our staff, who will give you all the information. It is suitable for cultural activities but also fits for conferences and meetings. Santo Stefano Di Sessanio is a Medieval clifftop village dating back to the time of the Romans. Six miles from the ancient Roman Peltinum (hence the ‘Sessanio’ part), and a strategic crossroads for the commercial route between Rome and the Adriatic coast at the height of the Roman Empire, Santo Stefano flourished under the Medicis in the 16th century. Our bright and capacious conference hall is provided with wi-fi connection, modern audio and video devices. Every access is suitable for every kind of wheelchair. Our hotel offers modern comforts and it is arranged in 3 floors. - P.IVA 00227300936 - Powered by VISYSTEM. An experience not to be missed by anyone visiting Abruzzo has to be the amazing 16th century village Santo Stefano di Sessanio, 1250masl, on the edge of the Campo Imperatore plain in the Gran Sasso National Park. The “Rondo” restaurant offers a menu with a wide range of dishes and lots of fresh vegetables. You won’t regret it. Nice, history if you find someone to explain it to you. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. The lovely beach of Bibione, composed of almost 12 km of golden shore, offers a useful service to every kind of tourist. Each room includes a parking space, a sun umbrella with a deckchair and a sunlounger and the use of our infrastructures. Inside you will find a wide hall and some common living rooms where guests can relax. To welcome kids in the best way we provide them with cots and high chairs for meals. Agriculture became the major factor in the economic development of the area, with the process of transhumance being utilised to take advantage of the region’s geography. There are also platforms for disabled people to facilitate the access to the beach. Potrà comunque successivamente, in ogni momento, revocare tale consenso, come indicato nella informativa. The town is particularly magnificent in the winter under a covering a snow…. What restaurants are near Santo Stefano di Sessanio? Heels are not of any use to you here. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. In summertime, celebrations can also take place outwards. Se è interessato a ricevere in futuro, all’indirizzo da lei indicato, la nostra newsletter/periodiche informative sulle nostre tariffe e offerte speciali, dovrà fornirci apposito consenso. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. It is a world apart from any city or town in the modern world and it whisks you away to a time before TV, the internet and fast food. Click here to view a slideshow of life in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Abruzzo, The Times: Apennines are alive with the sound of saws and hammers, Enjoy the latest news, guides, recipes,holiday tips & Marketplace latest arrivals & special offers direct to your inbox, Cherry-pick #Abruzzo the easy way, #food #wine # travel #events blog & co-operative Marketplace keeping you connected to Italy’s rocky heart, One of Teramo's glorious Gran Sasso mountain passes, the sp37 begins under the belly of  the Majolica town, Arsita's enthralling monumental open air gallery that sheds light onto the rural part of Abruzzo which has always, How would you spend 24 hours in beautiful Castel del Monte, known as Capital of the Shepherds since, Summer 2020 was the season to visit Venice; no cruise ships and without the tourist hordes due to, Matera is the world's third oldest city, an impressive history of human civilization and pain, shame and today, In Tagliacozzo you will see enough to fire your imagination, and if you have the time you can, Picturesque Civita D’Antino - commanding views of the Simbruini & Ernici mountains, cool temperatures, great wine & once, Ortona has a historical reputation of being fought for and bought; its recent oil fight was one of, Immortalised by such renowned photographers as Henri Cartier Bresson & Mario Giacomelli, Scanno is Abruzzo’s cultural hot-spot, En route to ski resort Prati di Tivo is another of the wonderful hill-side medieval towns that Abruzzo.

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