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When Cappello arrived, he tried to avenge the defeat, but was in turn repulsed with heavy losses. In September 1465 he was elected a member of the Ten. In April–September 1451 he was active in repairing the fortifications of Asola, supplying Rivalta with men and ammunition, ensuring Brescia's provisions in grain and ammunition, and ensuring the regular payment of the soldiers to reduce desertions. Cappello Lorenzo & C. Snc. "Cappello far exceeded my expectations as to the level of service and results from an investment banking firm." [12] Loredan repeatedly asked to be replaced, but it was not until February 1466 that Vettore Cappello was elected for the second time as Captain General of the Sea. è un'azienda altamente specializzata nella progettazione, installazione e certificazione di: Impianti di aspirazione polveri       centralizzata, Impianti di illuminazione pubblica e privata per esterni ed interni, è possibile trovare una vasta scelta di materiale elettrico e di illuminazione. Definizione e significato del termine vezzeggiativo Every winter, the standing committees of the Great Council of Venice established the annual orders for the so-called "guard fleet", or "fleet of the Gulf". Mantua as well as Udine, a Venetian city, were proposed, but the Republic considered this as calamitous in view of its diplomatic and commercial relations with the Ottoman Empire. [1] In the meantime, Cappello had fallen severely ill. His failure at Patras severely demoralized him—Marino Sanudo reports that he never smiled thereafter—and he died of cardiac arrest at Negroponte on 13 March 1467. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. [1], The news of the Fall of Constantinople caused a widespread rebellion to break out in the Despotate of the Morea among the local Albanian population against the weak rule of the brothers Thomas and Demetrios Palaiologos. [1] Their mission was delicate, as, aside from conveying the usual messages of congratulation, the envoys were charged with representing the Republic's positions on the location of a general congress of the Christian powers for a coordinated attack on the Ottomans, that the new Pope intended to convene. The Great Council then voted on the proposals, the size of the fleet, and the appointment of a Captain of the Gulf and the galley captains (sopracomiti) for the galleys to be outfitted in Venice. While two of the ambassadors stayed on to discuss other matters, Cappello and Triadano Gritti were recalled in late November to Venice. 13 in Via Maggio. [1], During his tenure, Cappello presided over a tense situation in the Aegean Sea. JavaScript appears to be disabled, © 2020 Cappello Hydraulics & Civil Pty Ltd. Venetian suspicions of Genoese naval activity in the area also led to suggestions to try to secure various port towns—Patras, Vostitsa, Glarentsa, and Corinth—for Venice, to prevent them from coming under the control of "another maritime power", but this proposal failed to pass in the Senate. [1][6] This was followed by an alliance with Hungary, the Pope, and the Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Good. Cappello gathered the remnants of his army and returned to Negroponte. Put on your top hat and buckle up for some stories that only Cappello’s can tell. We also provide civil works, bulk earthworks, excavation, construction of roads and carparks and much more. 0. [17], His body was returned to Venice, where his sons, Alvise, Andrea, and Paolo, buried him in the church of Sant'Elena, and dedicated a funeral monument in the façade of the church that shows him kneeling before the patron saint, Saint Helena. [1] In September and November he was sent to escort the returning Flanders trade convoy. Da più di 30 anni. [1][5], In May 1459, Cappello was elected to the governatori alle Entrate (magistrates of revenue). [1][18], ^ a: At this time, Venice had no standing fleet. After a while, demoralized and riddled with dysentery, the Venetians abandoned that position too and withdrew to Nauplia, allowing Ottoman reinforcements under Mahmud Pasha Angelović to enter the Morea unimpeded. In August and December 1453, he was re-elected to the post, but both times refused it, and served instead from August 1453 to February 1454 as provveditore of the Venetian Arsenal; in the troubled atmosphere following the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans, Cappello busied himself with rearming the Venetian fleet. [1] Cappello initially belonged to the more moderate faction, which advocated a policy of "armed neutrality", strengthening the fleet and Venetian fortifications overseas, but without entering into commitments with other Christian powers in the Balkans against the Ottomans. Impianti TV CC per videosorveglianza © 2014 Cappello Lorenzo & C. Snc - Tutti i diritti riservati. [1][4], Cappello is next attested on 15 September 1458, when he was selected as one of four ambassadors to the newly elected Pope Julius II. [9] In February, Cappello argued for the appointment of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta as the new commander-in-chief,[1] but his tenure, which lasted through 1465, was ineffective, mostly due to the limited resources and manpower made available to him. A short distance from Piazza Pitti, the Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, it is the ideal location to enjoy the city's artistic and architectural beauties. His ascent to higher offices was rapid. He was then ordered to join with Loredan in conducting an attack on Messina. [10] The Venetian government, which had entered the war only with great reluctance, did not show great commitment in pursuing the war, and Cappello was unable to effect any change in its stance. [1], The main issue facing the Republic during this time was the response to Ottoman expansion. [19], Politician and admiral of the Republic of Venice, Funeral monument of Cappello kneeling before, Service in Lombardy and the councils of Venice, First tenure as Captain General of the Sea, Member of the College and outbreak of the First Ottoman–Venetian War, Second tenure as Captain General and death, sfn error: no target: CITEREFGiannasi1975 (, County Palatine of Cephalonia and Zakynthos, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Vettore_Cappello&oldid=987106582, Republic of Venice people of the Ottoman–Venetian Wars, Ambassadors of the Republic of Venice to the Holy See, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Venetian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 23:27. [1], Cappello left Venice in April, with instructions that gave him ample freedom in his conduct of the war. Venice thus hesitated to take active steps that might provoke a war, especially since she would almost certainly be forced to fight it without the support of other Western powers. The date of his birth is unknown; his epitaph records that he died at the age of 63, but when he was inscribed at the Balla d'Oro in 1420, he is recorded as being twenty years of age, and serving as a sailor in the trade convoy to Alexandria. [1][13] Cappello's appointment brought elation and renewed hope for a decisive turn in the war; the provveditore of the Venetian army in the Morea, Giacomo Barbarigo, expressed "utmost joy" at the news, and the distinguished statesman Andrea Diedo expressed the expectation that Cappello would lead the recovery of the Hexamilion and the conquest of Corinth. They then proceeded to besiege the fortress of the Acrocorinth, which controlled the northwestern Morea, but after a clash that killed the commander-in-chief, Bertoldo d'Este, on 20 October, the Venetians were then forced to lift the siege and retreat to the Hexamilion.

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